Educational / Beautification Programs

Educational Programs

Through press releases, interviews, newsletters, display tables at community events, public service announcements and public speaking engagements, Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. promotes environmental activities which help to educate the public on current environmental concerns and activities associated with the goals of KPCB, Inc..

Need a Speaker?

Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. regularly presents environmental improvement programs throughout the community at civic, government, business and school meetings. If you are interested in booking a KPCB, Inc. representative to speak at your upcoming meeting, please complete our online speaker request form or call our office at 863.875.8911.

Recycling Education Efforts

Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. encourages schools, businesses and individuals to recycle whenever possible.

Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. offers 4 tire recycling events throughout Polk County annually. KPCB is partnering with Polk County Solid Waste Division to bring additional tire recycling and hazardous waste collection events throughout the year.  In addition to collecting tires, KPCB encourages citizens to bring rechargeable batteries and ink cartridges/toner for proper disposal.

If you are interested in learning about recycling opportunities in Polk County, please contact KPCB.

Environmental Education Programs for Schools

Keep Polk County Beautiful works with the Polk County School System to provide teachers, parents and administrators with the education and tools they need to teach their students the importance of protecting the environment. We also provide recognition for the schools that implement the most environmentally-friendly practices.

Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. will come to your school with age appropriate curriculum to educate students on the value of recycling and the effects of litter to the environment.

Ask us about our “Litter Bugs Me” education campaign!

Butterfly Community and Literacy Gardens

Each year Keep Polk County Beautiful assists schools and communities with their beautification efforts by offering supplies to create various gardens.

Gardens at your school promote teamwork and pride in your environment. It also is a great teaching tool. That’s right . . .use it to measure rain amounts, study soil types, learn the life cycle of a flower or observe insects. It is a science teacher’s personal outdoor classroom.

Garden types vary from year to year depending on available funds. For information on upcoming garden opportunities, please call Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. (863) 875.8911.

Environmental Videos

Teachers may check out videos from Keep Polk County Beautiful, Inc. The following videos are available for checkout.

  • The Wartville Wizard (Appropriate for grades K-3)
    Brief Video Description: There is a wizard who lives in the town of Wartville. The wizard is constantly picking up litter everywhere he goes. One day the wizard gets tired of picking up everyone’s litter, and he decides to cast a spell on all the towns of people who litter. Moral of the story – the people in the town realize the error of their ways and commit to never littering again.
  • Saving Inky (Appropriate for grades 4-8)
    Brief Video Description: This video is formatted as a “real news story.” The video is about a whale that is sick because of litter it ingested. The whale is found beached and is taken to a marine life facility to be monitored until its health improves enough to go back into the ocean. The video discusses types of litter that are often tossed out in our waterways and how these types of litter negatively effect marine life.

Please check with KPCB, Inc. to find out if coordinating lesson plans are available for various grade levels.

Curriculum Materials

Waste In Place (Appropriate for Elementary Ages)
Description: An interdisciplinary, supplementary environmental curriculum focusing on litter prevention, recycling, and solid waste activities. Schools may obtain a copy of this curriculum by contacting Keep Polk County Beautiful. Lessons all correlate with Sunshine State Standards.