Trash is a part of our every day existence.  Learning about the proper way to dispose of it plays a large role in reducing our impact on our environment.

We as consumers need to think about proactively reducing our impact.  By choosing recycled, recyclable or reusable products, we can extend the functional life of a product and divert it from the landfill.

Purchasing recycled products also helps by creating a market for the recycled material, “completing the loop.” Consumer demand is a powerful factor affecting the waste stream, and our decisions make a huge difference.

Need a Recycling Bin?

County Residents

  • Polk County Waste and Recycling (863) 284-4319

City of Lakeland Residents

  • City of Lakeland Solid Waste (863) 834-8773

City of Bartow Residents

  • City of Bartow Solid Waste (863) 534-0181

City of Winter Haven Residents

  • City of Winter Haven Solid Waste (863) 291-5756